IFL Recommends 9/21

This week’s read looks at the history of the Carlisle Indian School, the first off-reservation Native American boarding school in the United States. The author looks at the negative impact it, and other boarding schools like it, has had on Native American children and their families.

IFL Recommends 9/7

This week’s read looks into the (re)opening of Broadway. Math fellow Beatriz Strawhun chose this article because “The theater has always been my escape, my chance to take an adventure, or walk in another’s shoes during some distant time period or in a far-off place. I am so excited for the reopening of the Great White Way. But I am more excited for those programs that take students to a Broadway Show to begin once again. It is through the theater that I find my way, my song and my story and given the chance, students do as well. Let’s all go to the theater!”

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