Steps for Remote Coaching to Support Online Class Discussions

Step Coach and Teacher Actions
1 Teacher emails lesson plan to coach, if teacher is creating their own lesson, or coach emails teacher a model lesson to study.
2 Coach and Teacher engage in a pre-conference over the phone or through a video meeting where they study the lesson plan together (teacher or coach created), consider learning goals, and think through the technological demands for the upcoming online class discussions (e.g., coach and teacher might practice sharing the whiteboard with multiple participants so that they can record their thinking for the group).
3 Coach can either silently observe the online class discussion (e.g., Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams) or teacher can audio record the discussion on their phone or iPad, if they prefer.
4 Coach selects segments (2 or so minutes in length) from the recording that draw attention to moments where goals were met (usually one example) or approximated (usually two examples). Coach shares transcripts of these segments with teacher in advance of the post-conference, posing a reflective question for teacher to consider for each one.
5 In the post-conference conducted over the phone, coach and teacher study the transcript segments together with a focus on student thinking and consider how the trajectory of student thinking might have evolved differently if teacher had used different talk moves for Accountable Talk practices or different teacher moves, from wait time to technology options.