A Declaration of Solidarity

Dr. David Kirkland

Dr. David Kirkland, executive director of NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools, pens a declaration of solidarity that acknowledges the nuances of the particular forms of racial violence aimed at Asians and Asian-Americans. Kirkland shares various resources for learning more about the issue and how to get involved.

Brando Simeo Starkey details the history of Asian-American racism over the last 400 years. The author then examines the “model minority” stereotype myth and its ties to white supremacy and racism against black people. Starkey argues, “By not studying how racism impairs Asian-American lives, we underestimate and miss crucial intelligence on how white privilege sabotages the hopes and dreams of people of color. The Asian-American story differs from the black story which differs the Latino story, but each, along with the Native American story, must be examined and mastered.”