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Michael Telek 

Video & Marketing Manager

Michael says, “I’m recommending Yahoo Sports Columnist Shalise Manza Young’s article because it’s a good reminder that it’s never too late to expand your education.”

J.R. Smith’s HBCU Journey Is a Shining Example of Black Excellence

Shalise Manza Young  

Smith is providing “a window into what it’s like to start college as an adult and seeing everything through older and more worldly eyes.”– Shalise Manza Young, sports columnist

Yahoo Sports columnist Shalise Manza Young shares the story of two-time NBA champion J.R. Smith’s foray into college. After a successful NBA career, 36-year-old Smith not only became a student at North Carolina A&T, he also joined the Aggie’s golf team. Smith has been tweeting his college experiences, which includes learning a less Eurocentric history. Smith has inspired others to return to school to finish his degree.