This week’s recommendation comes from:

Marcy Higashi

Copyright, Production, and Administrative Manager

Marcy says, “The importance of anti-racism and positive representation in childhood education, particularly early childhood, is an important subject to address. From a young age, children absorb biases and language from their peers and at home, whether through active discussions or passive absorption. We cannot truly celebrate diversity and tear down racial inequity in our communities without a foundation of anti-racist, multicultural education.”

Unlearning: Kindness, Color Blindness and Racism

Brandee Blocker Anderson

“The key here is helping kids understand that differences between people do exist, but that all people are important and deserve to be treated fairly and with respect… encourage your students to see how people of other races are treated and to stand up for them when they are not treated fairly or kindly.” – Brandee Blocker Anderson

Brandee Blocker Anderson, lawyer, educator, DEI consultant, and founder of The Antiracism Academy, discusses two fundamental misunderstandings about what it means to be racist or to engage in racist behavior. Anderson implores us not to take a colorblind approach when discussing race with children, but rather to acknowledge and embrace the differences among races and to stand up for what is right.