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Lorenzo Devine

Cheryl Sandora 

English Language Arts Fellow 

For both this article and the one previous, Cheryl says, “As I’ve been working with teachers this year, I’ve received a number of questions about critical race theory. Since it’s a topic on the minds of so many educators, I thought it would be helpful to read more about the theory and understand why it has come under attack.”

A Lesson on Critical Race Theory

Janel George

“CRT is not a diversity and inclusion “training” but a practice of interrogating the role of race and racism in society that emerged in the legal academy and spread to other fields of scholarship . . . (CRT) critiques how the social construction of race and institutionalized racism perpetuate a racial caste system that relegates people of color to the bottom tiers.” – Janel George

This article, by Janel George, associate professor of law at Georgetown, delves into the history and principles of critical race theory (CRT). Detailed explanations are provided on what CRT is and what it is not. The author also examines how limitations of legal interventions have led to current manifestations of racial inequality in education.