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Tequila Butler smiling for the camera

Tequila Butler

IFL ELA Fellow

Tequila says, “I am recommending this podcast because it reminds me that if we are to continue the work of improving anything, in education and outside of education, we have to make room for all of the voices at the table, especially the people with whom we are doing the work.”

S3:E14 — Improvement as a tool for our collective liberation, with Dr. Brandi Hinnant-Crawford

Dr. Brandi Hinnant-Crawford

And you’ve got to be intentional about giving minoritized and marginalized voices space and power, especially when there is a perceived power differential.”– Dr. Brandi Hinnant-Crawford, educator and author

In this episode of Unboxed from High Tech High, Dr. Brandi Hinnant-Crawford, Associate Professor of Education Research & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator for Teacher Education, shares her raw and authentic account for why she believes in improvement science and why she believes improvement science is a tool for equity. Dr. Hinnant-Crawford reminds us that with both improvement science and equity, we must consider all the voices at the table.