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Lindsay Clare Matsumura

Lindsay Clare Matsumura 

Coaching Researcher/Practitioner

Lindsay says, “I chose this article because it explores the strengths and limitations of the critical thinking and critical pedagogical approaches to education and argues for ‘transformative criticality’ as a path forward to democratic citizenship education.”

Toward a Transformative Criticality for Democratic Citizenship Education

Lisa A. Sibbett

“I want to propose the concept of wholeheartedness as a possible characteristic of transformative criticality for democratic citizenship education. Where the critical thinkers tend to favor reasonableness, with its emphasis on the dispassionate cultivation of liberal democratic values, and the critical pedagogues tend to favor critique, with its emphasis on the fervent communication of moral urgency, a transformative criticality attends wholeheartedly to the possibility that some contexts call for level-headedness and measured deliberation, while others require impassioned outcry.” – Lisa A. Sibbett, PhD student in social studies curriculum and instruction at the University of Washington, Seattle