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Sara DeMartino smiling with the Cathedral of Learning far off in the background

Tony Petrosky 

IFL Director 

Tony says, “Before this collection, her 13th, my favorite book of hers was The Wild Iris, which received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1993. Gluck’s 13th book makes a turn for her away from imagining time as a straight line through life but rather as ‘a circle which aspires to/ that stillness at the heat of things….’ This is a book to sit still with, to read and to read again. Her spare language unfolds. Her singular voice reflects on ordinary things—friends, stories, sentences, the sun, aging.”

Winter Recipes from the Collective

Louise Glück

“These recipes for winter offer a robust meal that feeds both spirit and soul, about the nature of life, and time, prepared by one of our finest poets.” – Mandana Chaffa, The Chicago Review of Books

Award-winning author Louise Glück’s latest poetry collection was named a Best Book of the Year by Financial Times, Irish Times, Library Journal, Lit Hub, and NPR. It is a contemplation of loss and grief as well as what may yet come, according to reviewer Mandana Chaffa. Read more about the poet here.