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Joe Dostilio posing in front of trees

Joe Dostilio

Mathematics Fellow

Joe says, “On Marcus Miller’s website, there is a quote by mathematician James Joseph Sylvester, ‘May not music be described as the mathematics of the sense, mathematics as music of the reason?’ I thought, well, that’s exactly how I’ve always felt about two of my favorite things in this world. The way Marcus talks about math and music in this video is beautiful, brilliant, and kind of beyond infinity.”

WATCH: The Beauty of Math and Music

“For many of you at some point, someone pointed a finger at your and told you that you weren’t smart enough to understand it (mathematics) or perhaps that you didn’t really need math in the real world, so you were fine not knowing it. Often that person was you. This is common and it is false, and it will keep you from understanding the really cool story I’m about to tell you.” – Marcus G. Miller, musician and mathematician

 Marcus Miller simplifies “infinity + infinity = infinity” and how this helps us to experience our personal beauty with life-affirming, paradigm-shifting beauty of math and music. The size of number systems, adding to infinity, counting snakes, and saxophone solos…everything needed for a summer video!