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Molly Petruska posing and smiling

Molly Petruska

ELA Content Developer

Molly says, “When searching for books to read to assist our daughter with growing her level of self-confidence, I found this extremely helpful book. The author moves focus away from the notion of pumping up children’s confidence by constantly telling them that they’re great. Instead, it emphasizes focus on connections with others, competence, and feelings of choice and control. By centering focus on those skills, children develop authentic confidence that can last a lifetime. With youth anxiety growing to higher levels each day, anyone that cares about and/or works with children may benefit from reading this book.”

Kid Confidence: Help Your Child Make Friends, Build Resilience, and Develop Real Self-Esteem

Eileen Kennedy-Moore

“Real self-esteem isn’t about believing we are special or wonderful. Real self-esteem means being able to let go of the question ‘Am I good enough?’” – Eileen Kennedy-Moore, author

 Internationally published author, psychologist, and speaker Eileen Kennedy-Moore’s most recent child development book takes the focus from children comparing themselves to others and puts it on connection, competence, and choice—three needs that when met can help children grow their self-esteem.