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Faith Milazzo

Faith Milazzo

Director of Professional Services

Faith says, “I run a local anti-litter group. We have, at times, involved students from pickups to essay and coloring contests. Reading some of the benefits of service learning encourages me to think of other ways to get local youth involved.”

Benefits of Service Learning for High School Students

Joe Shim

“When students become more involved in the community through volunteering or service learning, it has a long-lasting impact on their development into adulthood.” – Joe Shim, Service Learning Coordinator, Pomona Unified School District

Service learning, according to, is “a teaching and learning strategy that connects academic curriculum to community problem-solving.” It is more than “just” volunteering; it is a way for students to learn about a problem, come up with some solutions, and reflect on them. Having students grow their leadership and communications skills while giving back or trying to improve their community is a win-win.