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Laurie Speranzo

Laurie Speranzo

Math Fellow

Laurie says, “As we launch the 2022-23 school year, many of us recognize that we, as educators, set the stage for how our students see themselves in our classrooms. The IFL has always maintained an asset-based lens where students are positioned as authors of the work (regardless of content area). When these resources came across my radar, I thought they may help teachers construct classroom environments where students feel they are centered and valued, and their life experiences honored.”

Exploring Identity in the Face of Challenge

Julia Darcy

Identity Safe Classrooms and Schools

Becki Cohn-Vargas

If You’re Still Calling Your Class These 3 Things, It’s Time To Reconsider

Allyson Caudill

“Students can’t see themselves in their learning if teachers don’t know who they are. As teachers connect to their students on a deeper level, they can then be intentional about their instructional decisions.” – Julia Darcy, Grade 5 mathematics teacher

Each of the three articles looks at the importance of student identity and validating students’ background. In the Darcy article, teachers recaptured the spark teaching had for them by having students explore their identities and authentic selves. The Cohn-Vargas article looks at ways to build identity safety in classrooms. And the Caudill article lists some suggestions of names to call students that are more inclusive and impactful.