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Beatriz T. Font Strawhun posing and smiling

Beatriz T. Font Strawhun

IFL Mathematics Fellow

Beatriz says, “I’ve taken up yoga and training for strong woman competitions. Why both? I am raising 3 teenage girls! These teenage years have been both difficult and rewarding—difficult to navigate the minefields that teenage hormones and brain development bring on a daily basis, but rewarding as I am witness to my child’s walk along the path to adulthood. As I lift heavy things and stretch in ways I never knew I could, I am in constant search for podcasts that might shed some light on my current parenting predicament and came across this list of podcasts for parents of teens.”

12 Great Podcasts for Parents of Teens: Advice from Experts

Ali Flynn

“From helping your teen deal with anxiety or depression and tips to keep your teen safe in the world of social media to advice on how to get your teen out of their bedroom and into the real world and the best ways to discipline your teen effectively—it’s all available at your fingertips.” – Ali Flynn, guest contributor at Raising Teens Today

Parent Ali Flynn, guest contributor at Raising Teens Today, shares a list a of 12 podcasts that include topics such as connecting with teens, empowering them, and understanding the technology they use. Check out some of these podcasts to find support, tips, and tools to help guide you through the challenges of parenting a teen.