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Beatriz T. Font Strawhun posing and smiling

Beatriz T. Font Strawhun 

IFL Mathematics Fellow 

Beatriz says, It is March Madness! The season where we patiently await spring, are overwhelmingly done with the winter weather, and if you live in my house, must relinquish the remote at any given time to watch the progress of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. My husband is a huge fan! So, as you contemplate your perfect bracket, read what Daniel Wilco has to say about your odds.    

The absurd odds of a perfect NCAA bracket 

“If every person in the United States filled out a completely unique bracket that was 66.7 percent accurate, we’d expect to see a perfect bracket 366 years from now. You know, if March Madness is still happening in the year 2385.”  

Daniel Wilco, sports writer 

Millions of people fill out brackets for the NCAA March Madness despite having little chance of completing a perfect bracket. Read on to understand how you can increase your odds of having a better bracket and why your odds are not that great to begin with.