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Cheryl Sandora

English Language Arts Fellow

Cheryl says, It’s that time of year where many students are finishing their recent classroom novels and looking forward to a relaxing summer vacation . . . without books. Educators and parents certainly want students to have a break from school, but we also want students to continue reading over the break, but we don’t want students to see the ongoing reading as school. The following article shares some options for summer reading programs and tips for how to keep children and students excited about reading over the break.  

12 of the Best Summer Reading Programs of 2023 

Gia R.

“After a school year filled with reading, it can be easy for young readers to take a step back and read less over the summer. However, this is a great time for them to exercise their skills, maintain them, and hopefully grow them.”  Gia R., writer, reader, and former preschool teacher

If you want to help keep your children’s or students’ reading skills sharp, check out some great suggestions for summer reading programs. From library programs to bookstore activities and online classes, there is bound to be something for nearly everyone to keep on reading.