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Chris Schunn smiling for the camera

Chris Schunn

Research Liaison

Chris says, “Research often feels remote from the needs of practitioners, creating barriers to how research gets done in schools and therefore what we can learn from this research. This podcast inspires me to look beyond the short term and make space for some research that at first feels ‘out there’.”  

Golden Goose 

Radiolab podcast 

Hosted by Lulu Miller and Latif Nasser  

“If you just say, ‘We’re not investigating that because that question is too silly,’ then you don’t allow for some answer that’ll lead to a new question, that will lead to a bigger question, that will lead to a bigger question. Like, you’re cutting off curiosity, and ultimately that’s an injustice to—to science.”  Latif Nasser, director of research and co-host at Radiolab 

Watch out Emmys and Grammys! If you are interested in seemingly obscure but ultimately award-winning scientific research, the Golden Goose Awards might be your ticket. Read on to learn how this award came about as well as to hear about some of the interesting winners.