IFL Recommends 6/28

This week’s recommendation is an article around the complexity of reading and the challenges educators face teaching literacy.

This will be our final IFL Recommends for the school year. Have a great summer. See you in September!

IFL Recommends 6/14

This week’s recommendation is an interactive game that allows players—youth and adults—the chance to experience the roles of the three branches of government.

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IFL Recommends 5/24

Laurie says, “I have been working on learning a new language (in baby steps). Because of the work that some of our district partners are doing with emergent multilingual students, I decided that I needed to venture into a language that I never studied to feel the struggle that many of our students face daily.”

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IFL Recommends 5/3

This week’s recommendation is about the Equal Rights Amendment, which the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed 50 years ago yet has still inexplicably not been added to the constitution.

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IFL Recommends 4/26

This week’s recommendation is about the educator expense federal tax deduction, unchanged for nearly two decades, and how it often does not reflect teachers’ actual expenses.

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IFL Recommends 4/19

This week’s recommendation is a podcast from Radiolab about how perceptions and opportunities early in life can affect future performance, sometimes unintentionally and unfortunately in a negative way.

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