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Laurie Speranzo, Kristin Klingensmith, Joe Dostilio, Beatriz T. Font Strawhun

IFL Mathematics Team

Kristin Klingensmith says, “From the earliest people, to now, and for generations to come, reckoning, quantifying, reasoning, and recording amounts are part of everyday life. Like the letters of the alphabet and pieces of punctuation, the numerals 0-9 and mathematical symbols offer infinite ways to interpret and make sense of our world. Everyone does math, even though the purposes for using it may vary.”

A Brief History of Numerical Systems

Alessandra King

Timeline of Mathematics

Elizabeth Pawlowski

“Several civilizations developed positional notation independently, including the Babylonians, the ancient Chinese, and the Aztecs. By the 8th century, Indian mathematicians had perfected such a system.” – Alessandra King, educator

This video and the timeline of mathematics, the first in a two-part series of IFL Recommends, illustrate the history and many contributions that people from different parts of the world have made to mathematics. Check back next week as we get ready to celebrate Pi Day with more mathematics contributions from around the world!